The best email AOL Email activated it now

Se la tua odissea si è conclusa (nel bene o nel male) raccontaci come è andata a finire.
Magari la tua storia può aiutare qualcun'altro.
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The best email AOL Email activated it now

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It is an open-source Web Based email service provided by AOL. A Division of Verizon Communication. This service is mostly known as "AIM" which stands for "AOL Instant Messanger".

With an eligible AOL Email Activated advantage plan, an Ad-free Mail for AOL desktop gold can be activated for one User-Id on the account. We will see how to enable this benefit.

Steps for Activating the AOL Email benefit:

1. First, Sign-In to AOL with the user name you would like to activate the interest for.
2. Now you need to go to the free-AD Mail to obtain the AOL Desktop Gold Activation page.
3. Click On The AOL Email Activated Now. - You will see the confirmation message if your account is eligible for the benefits.
4. Next, you will have to open Desktop Gold and Sign-Out.
5. Again you need to sign back into the Desktop Gold with the user name provided, which has a benefit for.

If you are not qualifying for the benefits, then you will receive an error.